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About Butts County Sheriff’s Office

Butts is a County situated in the western region of Georgia, US. It was organized in 1825 and has over 24 936 people, and covers a total area of 188 square miles. The county seat is Jackson, and the county zip codes are- 30216-30234.

The Sheriff’s Office provides visitors and residents of the county with a conducive environment free of insecurity. The Butts County Sheriff- Gary M. Long, is the head law enforcement officer.

Recently, the office launched a free app for the residents. The app makes it easy to file complaints, track crime in the community, track sex offenders, see outstanding warrants, and see current inmates. Residents in Butts County can also receive information on manhunts, road closures, crime alerts, and community service through the apps. The Sheriff’s office sourced the app using proceeds recovered from illegal drugs.

The Butts County Sheriff’s Office has several Departments. These are:

The Uniform Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division responds to public calls throughout the county. The sheriff’s deputies provide support where necessary. The calls include Vehicle crashes, Traffic enforcement, Domestic or civil disputes, Criminal complaints, 911 calls, etc.

Annually, the department receives about 17,000 calls. The officers in the department are divided into groups of shifts that work for twelve hours per shift. A sergeant supervises each group. Residents of Butts County can call 911 in cases of an emergency or call 770-775-8232 in case of a non-emergency situation. A dispatch is always on standby for calls.

Counter Narcotics Division

This division comprises three agents and one Lieutenant. The department conducts investigations on residents who violate the Georgia Controlled Substance Act. The department is dedicated to supporting the war against drugs and substance use in the county. To this end, the department and the community leaders have a cordial working relationship with the relevant law enforcement authorities like the Federal Agencies, Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Jackson Police Department, and the District Attorney’s Office.

Criminal Investigations Division

The CID unit investigates incidents reported by the Uniform Patrol Division. The division ensures that every incident report is acted upon and brought to a closure.

Officers assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division investigate crimes like:

  • The Sex Offender Registry
  • Crimes against Children
  • Crimes against Persons
  • Crimes against property

Officers handling cases collect evidence, prepare photo-line-ups, prepare witnesses and victims, prepare prosecution reports, and develop practices and operations.

The CID division has three investigating officers and one lieutenant who handles day-to-day investigations of criminal activities. The division works in collaboration with the District Attorney’s Office to prosecute cases.

Residents of Butts County can report criminal activities to the department through 770-775-8232 or call 911 emergency cases.

Interstate Criminal Enforcement Team

The ICE division is in charge of traffic enforcement in Butts County and comprises a sergeant and two deputies. The officers conduct routine traffic enforcement on city and county roadways, state highways, and interstate 75.

The officer’s main duty is to detect criminal activities while enforcing traffic orderliness in the county. The officers are well-trained and equipped to detect road drug users. Each officer has a K-9 partner for criminal apprehension, tracking missing persons, and detection of narcotics. The unit is under Major Ben James.

Butts County Animal Control Division

This division deals with issues concerning the welfare of animals in the county. The division removes and cares for stray animals in the community. It ensures that the animals are assisted and properly sheltered to become future pets.

The division also provides the residents with resources to get more information about cats and dogs in need of a home.

The primary duties of the Animal Control Division include:

  •  Educate the residents about the responsibilities of pet care and ownership
  • Respond to residents calls for service
  • Help find homes for animals where possible
  • Providing care and shelter for animals
  • Removal of uncared and stray animals from the community

You can contact the Animal Division in Butts County Sheriff’s Office at 770-775-8216.

Warrant-Civil –Court Services Division

This division handles warrants and maintains the civil procedures in the county. It enforces writs, maintains security at the courthouse, and is in charge of the safety of court staff, including the judges.

The Butts County Detention Center

The Butts County Detention Center is the biggest division at the Sheriff’s Office. It houses inmates from the county who are awaiting sentencing and convicts jailed for less than two years. You can contact the jail’s top officers Lieutenant Mary Weaver Captain Stewart Cawthon, at 770-775-8216.

The Butts County Detention Center

The Butts County Detention Center is a medium-security detention facility situated in Butts County at 835 Ernest Biles Drive Jackson, GA. The county Sheriff’s Department manages the jail. Most of the inmates housed in the facility are awaiting or going through a trial process.

The Butts County Detention Center is a regional facility that houses both male and female inmates. The inmates are brought in from neighboring municipalities and towns by the Jackson Police Department and the US Marshals Service. Presently, the facility has a capacity of 284 male inmates, while the maximum occupancy is 320 inmates. Female dorms hold a total of 36 inmates.

On average, a total of 289 inmates who have committed minor felonies are booked monthly—most of those housed in the center face or await trial. Most of the inmates who are already convicted are held for not more than two years. The detainees are not held in isolation behind barriers and bars; they interact freely.

The Detention Center is open throughout the week and has twenty-eight officers handling the facility. The staff is divided into four groups of shifts, with each working twenty-four hours a day. The facility’s staff is housed within the Detention Center and provides direct interaction and observation of the detainees.

There is a medical department within the facility that caters to the well-being of the inmates incarcerated in the facility. The facility also provides inmates with several opportunities to better their lives like anger management, financial management, computer education, and GED. There is also treatment for substance abuse.

How to Make Calls in Butts County Detention Center

Inmates held at the Butts County Detention Center can receive calls from family or their loved ones. They cannot make outbound calls. To use the phone service, the inmates have to deposit money into their commissary account.

To deposit money for phone cards into the commissary account, call 770-775-8216.

How to Send Money to an Inmate in Butts County Jail

You can send money to an inmate at the Butts County Detention Center. Inmates require money to spend on phone calls, grocery items, and personal items. There are several ways of depositing money into an inmate’s commissary account. They include:

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Phone deposits
  • Money orders via the United States Postal Service, bank, or Western Union
  • Online Deposits-The Detention Center uses JPay online payment

You can also deposit in person at the Butts County Detention Center kiosk at the facility’s lobby using a credit card, debit card, or cash.

If you wish to make an in-person deposit, you can do so any day of the week at the facility’s electronic stand at the entryway. The office does not offer change. You can deposit as much as $150 at a time and up to $500 monthly.

When depositing money, ensure you indicate the inmate’s registration number and name.

How to Perform a Butts County Inmate Search

There are several ways to find an inmate incarcerated at the Butts County Detention Center. Firstly, you can visit the facility in person and enquire from the public relations desk.

You can also make a call to Lieutenant Mary Weaver or Captain Stewart Cawthon at 770-775-8216 at the facility and enquire about your loved one.

You can also go to the Georgia Department of Corrections page and perform a Butts County inmate search. You will need to have details of the offender such as age, name, identification number, date of birth, and inmate identification number.

How to Plan for a Visit to the Butts County Jail

To visit an inmate at the Butts County Detention Center, the inmate must fill in a Visitor Request form for you and submit it to the prison administration for approval. You must mail the inmate your personal information, including contact details. You must also satisfy a background check before you are approved to visit.

Immediate family members are automatically allowed to visit their loved ones. The inmate must list relatives that they wish to see in the jail. Inmates are encouraged to list mentors, pastors, and friends who can help them rehabilitate. Although the prison administration will approve, the inmate has to inform the people they list.

You can also visit an inmate even when not listed through ‘special visit’. These kinds of visits happen only once and for special purposes. Such visits must be outside normal visitation arrangements, and the wardens will review them based on the subject. You must notify the prison administration at least 48 hours before the intended visit.

Visitations are mainly on weekends and holidays and run for about six hours. Visitors must adhere to a strict dress code to be allowed into the facility.

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